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"Are you Arabian?"


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Anonymous inquired: "Is it permissible for white converts to Islam to imitate Arab culture?"

I have to preface this by saying that Islam does not belong to the Arabs, Arab =/= Muslim. Muslim =/= Arab. So for a white convert to want to imitate Arab culture just because they are Muslim is a miscalculated idea.

I’m also not exactly sure what you mean by “imitate Arab culture”? If you could elaborate or specify what you mean about imitating Arab culture, I could probably answer this a bit better. 

Lastly, it is very possible for white Muslims to appropriate Arab culture. 

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Anonymous inquired: "arent you being hypocritical tho? ISIS is basically the power fighting Assad but youre also ant-assaad?"

If you truly believe ISIS is attempting to bring down Assad, then I feel incredibly sorry for you.

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Personal Request 

If any of our followers notice that we’ve reblogged from a source or blog that is:

— Pro-ISIS
— Pro-Assad
— Pro-Israel

Please let us know as soon as possible so that the post can be removed. We don’t want nor need any of that filth on this blog.

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Anonymous inquired: "The whole Sudan Afro arab thing reminded me of that lol because I'm from the Maghreb and I hate when people tell me I'm not arab it's really invalidating . I also read that only 5 of the arab league countries are "pure arab" (descending from Arabian peninsula) I've had people say Palestinians, Lebanese people aren't arab too and it's like. Stop the madness. As long as you're (i) not blind to your lands history I think you (i) can identify how you want. Sorry 4 the ask have a nice day :)"


Yeah I agree too. The definition of being Arab shifted from ethnic ties to language and culture and identity. It’s a lot more ambiguous now and people gotta accept it. Have a wonderful day :)

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Please share widely! 


This is a Saudi themed, Saudi run blog for people who identify as Saudi or who live here to come and vent and receive advice! Privately or anonymously. This is a safe space. We’ll also post some information about mental health and illness. 

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A Handy Guide for Feminists Who Want to Justify Their Feminism by Co-opting My Struggle 


written by me, a young Saudi woman

Have you ever justified feminism by appealing to the argument “but look at how women are treated in third world countries!!!”?

Have you ever said “I need feminism because women in third world countries are forced to marry men and can’t drive!!”?

Have you ever used that argument, as a privileged person living in the west, who doesn’t actually have to endure that, who has done nothing to help, who has used it to justify their feminism, when your feminist agenda does not include helping us in any way besides using our struggles to justify your upper class White Feminism™?

Then I’m talking to you!

I wholeheartedly appreciate you trying to draw attention to injustices occurring worldwide, I truly do. I’m just gonna need you to be a little more educated first. And by educated, I don’t mean that Jezebel article you read about women in Iran being barred from taking classes. I mean understanding what a third world country is. Maybe even understanding how you can refer to these problems without sounding hella racist and condescending. 

What’s a Third World™ country?

I know this is shocking, but I’ve met a lot of people who didn’t exactly know what qualified as a third world country or not, or why that’s even a naming system. And hey, if there are third world countries, what are second world countries? Let me explain it to you real quick:

A third world country is a country that didn’t align itself with either NATO (the US, western european nations and their allies) or with the Communist Bloc (soviet union, china, etc [these are the ‘second world’ countries I mentioned btw!!]) during the Cold War. So, any third world country is basically a country that was neutral during the Cold War. So technically, Ireland is a third world country. Technically, so are a few Nordic countries! “Bu-but! Women are not oppressed there!” you say. So, this is a stupid naming system, right? We should’ve gotten rid of it, right? Nope. They just kept changing the definition over and over again: third world countries are less economically developed! They have less freedom of press! The third world countries are ones who count as exploited nations!

So now that we have about a million different definitions, it’s a pretty useless term. So what can you replace it with?

Industrialized Countries and More Economically Developed Countries (MEDC)

Here’s a useful new naming system! It refers to countries that have highly developed economies and better industrial infrastructure. So can you use that to refer to countries where women’s rights are at an abysmal state? No. Because guess who counts as a MEDC? Saudi Arabia. China. Iran. And those are the countries you love to use to justify your feminism. So how can you refer to them now?

By Their Goddamn Names

If you’re talking about driving, refer to Saudi Arabia specifically. Refer to feminists in the region who have fought against this. Use this same logic with any other issue you wanna bring up.

But here’s the real question: should you even be using them as examples? What does vilifying Middle Eastern (for example) governments for their oppressive systems of governance bring up, historically? What effect are you really pushing for? 

When the French colonized Algeria, they used the “status of women” to justify their mission to help us “uncivilized barbarians.” Entire segments of history were erased and rewritten, to show the Middle East as historically being the most oppressive place to women. And you know what? That’s simply untrue. So when you’re using us as examples without actually listening to us or promoting women’s rights activists and feminists within the region, what you’re doing is bringing up all this history of using our problems to justify your western intervention. Which is unneeded. In fact, if I were to get into how much that hurts instead of helps, I’d have to write posts four times as long as this one. So what I wanna leave you with is this piece of advice: If you’re referring to the struggles of women in countries which experienced heavy colonialism, use common sense to see if what you’re saying sounds condescending or constructive. Rant over. 

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Anonymous inquired: "On one of your asks, nadeen said Ottoman Empire collapsed during WWII but the Turkish Republic was found in 1923 and the official end of Ottoman Empire was in 1920. - Great blog btw. :)"

Thanks for the catch! Will fix the post ASAP. 

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Anonymous inquired: "Hi! I have a question. Yesterday, a Moroccan woman gave me a necklace with a Hand of Fatima charm on it. Would it be appropriative of me, being a white woman, to wear this? I don't want to offend anyone."

It’s totally fine to wear it when it’s given as a gift. 

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Anonymous inquired: "I am an American Hasidic Jew and was given a keffiyeh when I visited Gaza City to provide aid on behalf of Norway and NKUSA. I do wear it as a sign of support for the Palestinian's struggle for sovereignty. Palestinian-Americans are supportive of me wearing this but I've noticed many non-Palestinian Arabs are offended. I respect the Arab culture and am wondering if it holds a significance other than Palestinian nationalism to Arabs and if I should discontinue wearing it because of it?"

You can wear it to protests/rallies in support of the cause.

And also check the keffiyeh tag for an extensive explanation of the keffiyeh’s significance.