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Anonymous inquired: "In your opinion, do you think the US Census should add a separate category for the Middle East or keep on classifying us as white?"

Ignoring the shady priorities of establishing a race system in the first place, they could add a separate category for people from the Middle East if we weren’t so diverse. You have Arabs, Amazigh, Kurds, Iranians, Assyrians, etc, etc. Different races and different ethnicities make up the Middle East so it would be hard to check off a box that defines us. I never understand the aim of checking off a “race” on a form or survey because a lot of times the options aren’t even races, but a mix of races, ethnicities, and geographic regions.

If I keep identifying as white on these surveys maybe I’ll one day get all the privileges that come with it. Here’s hoping. 

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Anonymous inquired: "Is wearing head or hand chains cultural appropriation?"


Definitely depends on what they look like..many different cultures of South Asia, Middle East, and Africa wear different types of head and hand chains. 

- Farah

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Art works by the Palestinian artist Imad Abu Shtayyah. 

As I have noticed , his works are often inspired by a song or a poem or a situation/person. And the woman in the traditional Palestinian dress is always present and sometimes the woman is a symbol of Palestine as well as the pigeon which is a symbol of peace.

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Anonymous inquired: "to the anon, you can't be pro-palestine and pro-israel since the very foundation of the state of israel is built upon racism, settler colonialism, and the genocide of palestinians"

Also this ^^^

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Anonymous inquired: "hey I'm an Ashkenazi Jew, and I was wondering by what you meant by not "pro-Israel"? I myself am VERY critical of Israel, esp how they treat Palestinians, but I identify as "pro-Israel" AND pro-Palestine (I think both should exist, equally, NOT the way things are now) but I know that's not how the terms are usually used. so, um, could you elaborate, if that's okay? (i'm just very used to extremes associated with pro/not-pro/anti sentiments used where i live I'm sorry, pardon my ignorance)"

I should have been more specific.
By pro-Israel, I meant Pro-Israeli government, pro-IDF, anti-Palestine, pro-Netanyahu, pro-settlements, pro-colonialism, pro-Zionism, pro-border wall, pro-checkpoints, etc.

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Shades of Red and Gold: Photo session with Joe Szilvagyi

You’re all ugly minstrels. You wear me as a costume and its repulsive and racist. “Shadesofaraby” are you shitting me? This shit isn’t a compliment, it isn’t appreciation, it isn’t cute. My culture doesn’t exist for you to play dress up and feel “Araby” for a day. We are a real people who face REAL stigma.

and your cheap ass patterns on your cheap ass fabrics have no basis like you really did not put any fucking effort. i feel this needs to be pointed out. it’s not just appropriation, it’s cheap half-assed imitation that’s so ugly it’s insulting. red on black polka dots. smfh.

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Beirut - 2009


Beirut - 2009

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Anonymous inquired: "There's a thing happening on facebook where people are changing their icons to an Arabic letter to 'show solidarity' with Christians in 'war-torn' Iraq. Am I overreacting or is this ridiculous? I have a screenshot"

I think you might be referring to the #WeAreN campaign?? 

Here’s a portion from an article written by Jonathan Merritt at Religion News Service.

RNS: You started the #WeAreN hashtag. Has raising awareness made a difference? 

JC: I don’t know that it has done anything except make people feel like they are doing something when they are doing nothing at all. Until this energy translates into real dollars, until it reaches the White House and major religious denominations, until it changes the way we engage in the Middle East, until it makes a difference in the lives of my friends on the ground, I’m not all that interested in measuring that.

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